Stopping New Posts in the Entertainment Sections

To anybody who cares, I want to say I am not going to be doing any more entertainment posts on this blog, because I suspect the stats and links to posts are being compromised and corrupted. At the moment, I am not closing the blog, but I simply needed it to be run honestly, and I think that is quite impossible now. Not only do I not believe in profiting off of art, I definitely don’t think it ought to be compromised and corrupted. I have sincerely devoted many hours each day to my posts, and freely allow curious parties to view them, and as an artist, I merely ask not to be corrupted. I am a really high proponent of free speech, and there are many who have a vested interest in subverting that to various ways and degrees. In my case, no one needed to hack my site; just screwing up the stats was more than enough. Because for my art, I don’t require any type of payment or thanks, I simply need to be left alone to be able to create with honesty and integrity.

Okay, to go through a little run down of how I got here in the first place, let’s start close to the beginning: I’ve written tens of thousands of poems over the course of my life, and since I don’t think one should become famous or profit off of art, I kept the vast majority of them to myself, and was happy enough with that arrangement for a long time. Then about ten years ago, I joined a forum, and after being an on and off poster there for a bunch of years, I noticed they had a poetry thread, so I decided to post a new poem only written that exact day in the thread. Of the 170 poems I posted there, not all of them were in a row, but I did manage to post easily well over 100 in a row as a challenge to myself. Now, I only did any of this, because I’m supposed to be “nobody” here, and I also did it coldly, as in, if I got compliments, I never posted a note of thanks, since as much as possible, I purposely wanted my art to do all the speaking, not me. All right, I don’t have any idea how long most poets take to write poems, but I’ve heard many say around five to fifteen minutes, and maybe as much as a half hour, yet it takes me a half hour on very rare occasions, and normally between two to three hours, given that my poems are fairly long and highly complex, and I have even taken over six hours a few times. Now during the course of said postings, I was getting rather annoyed with the lack of seriousness in this poetry thread, and because I already knew I was also allowed to run a little blog at the same site, I eventually left that section and continued on through to the blog instead. Things went fine for a while, even though I hardly would receive any views of my blog, meaning mostly no views at all, yet it didn’t matter enough to sway me from my objective, but to keep on working. After a couple of months of this, I discovered Twitter, and figured it as a good way to get more traffic on my blog, but it took months before the blog address would register in their search engine, so only followers seemed to know about the posts. And I run my Twitter account pretty chilly too, using a number of rules. First, I don’t ever follow anyone else, favorite a tweet, or retweet anything, again, to allow my work to be more judged on its own, even if it is still severely lopsided, given my unorthodox positions. Then after a couple of months still not showing up in Twitter’s search engine, I just completely stopped writing as a personal protest, being that I will not spend hours each day writing these poems to have them given such a stringent chance of getting viewed. After all, I am only asking for the fair chance of my work to be seen, not necessarily actually being witnessed. Okay, this went on for a couple of mouths until I finally saw my poems could be searched, but I still waited an extra month before I started writing again, because I knew once I did, I wasn’t going to stop. And like I thought, once I did begin writing again, I didn’t stop. Now this went on for more months in row until the forum started experiencing some trouble that I don’t need to go into the details, but what was important was they shut down access to people who weren’t members, and I wanted my poems seen by everybody, so I eventually saw no choice except to open this blog as I was still continuing my poetry writing, and slowly over time, transferring my poem collection from the first poetry thread of 170 poems and also all of my 330 poems that I had accumulated on that forum’s blog as well. And since early January, 2013, until yesterday, besides going a little beyond the technical clock time of day, I have written a poem a day without fail and only didn’t publish one on the exact day it was written, because I was too busy, so I put that one, plus another brand new poem published the next day to not miss a step in that regard. I run my blog like Twitter too, as in, I don’t need thanks or praise, and I don’t follow or post on other blogs, along with not placing any tags at all on my poetry. I don’t discuss the subject matter of my poems for many reasons, but much of it is because I think it should be left up to everybody to interpret from it what they will. I very rarely write about popular subjects used in poetry; instead, it’s mostly having to do intellectually with social and political ideas, and I create my own style of writing them down; for I have never taken in any teaching on the skill, which is probably pretty noticeable, and possibly somewhat aggravating to any viewers who have.

Now, the humor is kind of a similar story, in that a caption contest thread was centered at the same old forum again, and I eventually got involved there, because I’ve always thought I had a pretty good sense of humor, but just like any form of art, I of course realize it’s greatly a matter of one’s own taste. I have appreciated a very wide degree of humor, and like to try to show that in my own work, but I am also aware that people may think many of it is too edgy on to much worse, but I’ve read a lot of professional comics’ posts on Twitter, and there are some who go to definitely darker, dirtier, and meaner places than I not only wouldn’t dare going, but I also don’t find that interesting or funny either. So, I posted in that thread a lot for over a year, and in time, figured a way to have the postings seen to those in Twitter too. Then once I got my blog, I started posting brand new captions myself and eventually started transferring over the photos and my captions from the forum on to my blog while even adding more jokes as an extra bonus, so not to more bore people on Twitter who may have already seen the old postings before. Okay, these captions used to not take too much time to write; maybe about five to ten minutes each joke, so since I want to write a bunch of jokes per picture, it would take me pretty much a half hour to an hour depending on how many jokes I wanted to throw in. See, I was always interested in how these jokes were written, as not to just toss out a quick response, yet as time went on, I became even lot more interested in the actual writing than before, and so the total amount of jokes started taking two hours to create, and then on to three hours and more. An example is the Obama/Romney charity dinner that I spread across 6 days to early last month; it was originally written, because when I woke up at 2 am the night after that dinner, I came to realize it could make a good piece of humor for my blog at the forum. Then my mind was suddenly busy writing some of it while still in bed, that I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I just eventually got up and started writing from 3 am as much as possibly without being interrupted, until I finished after about six hours. Well, it was already a great deal of writing, but when I posted it here on this blog two years later, I added around double the material. The pictures I like to use are nothing special. I normally do a search of practically random words for images, and slowly, day by day, take just about any picture which doesn’t already have writing on it that happens to come up. Meaning, many times selecting pictures I really don’t want to use, but I take them anyway. I almost purposely wanted boring pictures though, because I wanted to create a ‘voice’ in them, and not have the picture so funny on its own face value, that it practically writes itself, as the vast majority would probably normally do. And it has definitely evolved to become a lot more complicated and personal than I had originally intended, hence why it has recently taken three hours to produce. See, I’ve published a caption, and gone back in to edit it, again and again, for up to eventually over twenty times during certain postings, because I “hear” the characters I’ve created “talk” to me.

Look, this is meant as no offense to any user, since it has to do with the website system itself, but the stats here are absolutely pathetic. At my old blog, I used to get five to twenty views per post by bringing people over there by Twitter, and that was even during a second, third, or more time it’s been already posted. So, fifteen postings on Twitter, considering just a low-end scale across the board, should earn me around 75 hits a day, and that’s of course not even counting that I am supposed to have over 300 followers here who might be taking a look as well at something of the four posts I do each day. See, I have put up with the lackluster results, because it’s not supposed to matter, but now the corruption has obviously ruined all that. Even with this relatively recent corruption, I still have only gotten just 44 hits as the high on a certain day, with the average being near twenty to thirty.

This is what I’m writing for today, and I don’t know what else I may write later, if anything, yet I still do allow questions of anyone, if I can answer them. But, please, none of the obligatory thanks, sorrow, or pity, because I don’t need it.


Yeowl, was it merely my vivid imagination working crazy overtime, or did we suddenly hear a violent crash of approximately 75 million freakin’ dollars?

Lance and Oprah

“Aarrgh, Oprah, it’s simply so damn frustrating that practically everybody is bitterly angry at me, yet as a clear pathetic attempt to make-up with the public, I’m being interviewed, quite lousily, I might add, by nearly the grandest faker and liar in history!”
“Ha, thank you, I think, except if you believe this is considered pretty bad, Lancey, try saying, ‘It has just stopped me cold from eating another burger!'”

“Okay, on ‘Oprah’ today, we discuss Lance Armstrong’s new baby! Uh, can some normal lowly human please tell me, why the hell is the child invisible? Oh, and afterwards, the whole audience gets a free bicycle! Huh? Geez, no, you idiot, each person receives a single bike apiece!”

“Listen, let’s kindly seek to talk a little bit faster, man, because I want to squeeze in one more absolutely spectacular Q&A session between Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, since it’s been a totally miserable three-week dry spell thus far!”

“Ah, right, then I would firmly grab her sweet waist like, er, hold it, will your program even actually allow coverage of what I’m going to speak about next?”
“Hmm, probably not, but still continue to walk us pleasantly through very slowly anyway now, and later, we shall quickly edit the real juicy parts out for the boring ol’ broadcast version.”

Ode to Cold Jim

Yeah, you should definitely beef it up to the hilt,
for an extra special second release in theaters,
maybe have it called ‘The New Gangs of New York,’
‘Gangs Across America,’
or ‘The Gangs Are All Here, Baby,’
possibly even starring Daniel Day-Lewis,
as he was in your first film,
except miraculously transported in time somehow,
close enough to the present.

Whoa, besides Mr. Day-Lewis yet again,
make Jesus our leader,
then everybody can save on asking what He would do,
because He’s already banging skulls ahead of you,
generously showing the way,
commencing with ol’ Danny boy, presumably,
since He is still part of a most jealous godhead,
and not moaning and whining over the puny results,
of His crucifixion, slash, resurrection fiasco!

Son, I’m the one who ought to get high and mighty,
above that ragged cross,
preaching by shoveling the sovereign Deity,
twice around this desperate location,
carrying your pansy bony tuckus,
under the fog, rain, and only a wee glimpse of bright.

Whoa, baby! Hey, men, now I just require a case of ice-cold beer and a carton of coarse smokes, and we are totally good to go!

Man with Meat

“Ah, women, if you’re thinking and getting some truly naughty visuals packed under an indecent extra layer of very steamy similar ideas, and I know that you are, honestly, our most sufficient length sported in my giant virile hands, is still actually quite shy of what I’m genuinely armed to the teeth with, like, below, uh, proudly hanging in the lower midsection of the long johns department.”

“Look, my fans’ current favorite shirt is really a whole bunch of them, and no offense to dear Lady Gaga, but at the moment, it will be this one right here I’m presenting wearing, ha, once I sensually rub sausage grease all over the sides, so in the end, I definitely have extremely tasty pit stains!”

“Uh, I’m kind of sorry and rather embarrassed to bring it to everybody’s attention, except I sincerely can’t help myself, considering my meat’s simply provocative position, yet I am reminded of a pretty crude little poem of wife’s. Okay, let’s see me try to quote the damn thing correctly, and also probably save us witnessing an ugly argument between her, me, and usually her sainted mother, by botching it: ‘Oh, He’s up there naked, high above, righteous, brave, and strong, able to defend, and take on anyone, although always hiding behind a cloud, since He feels He’s not too well endowed!'”


Forgive me, but I am frequently asked,
‘Hey, why yet another passionate response,
shouldn’t You just forget about it now?’

‘Ugh!’ I continually instruct,
‘Come on, does the Sun,
erase Its memory of the Earth or Moon?’

Because the sweetest things reside there,
as a boat simply brimming over its foreign cargo,
ready to be unloaded,
like the sand starting to cool finally,
during a late afternoon breeze jog.

Vitality’s reign stares down at us xenophobes,
while of course we reluctantly reciprocate,
and without It ever questioning,
‘Could you please look a different way?’

Listen, you guys are seriously giving Me, Queenie,
a bloody severe pounding of the creeps up here,
even though it might seem kinda weird,
relaying so, once witnessing you for thousands of years!

Precisely, I try a second grasp,
securing quickly by a third and fourth,
until it’s akin to a movie scoring well across general polls,
when I eventually realize I’m quite satisfied,
being what I would accomplish only, mind you,
hence refusing to behold yours, theirs, or ours.

Ugh, the utter shame, what a tangled alphabet we fornicate, when first a player’s letter in Scrabble is intentionally misplaced!

Master Thespian

“Oh, please forgive me, my good people, but I just met her today, and although she didn’t seem to make very much of an initial impression, I’m still most hopelessly in love beneath that damn sheer goddess anyway! Whoa, I want to passionately drink a bottle of cheap champagne out of every one of her filthy shoes while trying on all of her extremely intriguing styles of adult diapers!”

“Relax, princess, of course I’m completely dedicated to my art, for it truly is only exactly the absolutely stunning genius I position inside, ultimately becomes its sublime worthy essence! Mercy, darling, even almighty God is forced to pray to humble me as I’m merely doing an average job, so simply attempt to imagine my freaking best!”

“Lordy, baby, why cruelly drag my normally pure heart across the house over such a trivial matter as infidelity? Heavens to Murgatroyd, especially since you should realize we can never honestly learn a lesson until after practically tearing apart the whole universe!”

“Ah, trust me, how we accomplish a difference in our world, is by creating a path with our failed competitors, and joyfully stepping atop their lousy rotten necks to finally get past!”

“Yikes, I seriously figured it was safe enough to take a multiple choice test at the DMV, except then those dreaded ‘None of the above’ questions were viciously put into play, alas, thus diabolically claiming yet another unsuspecting innocent victim!”