Yeah, You Definitely Like Them Dumb

Yet again, here’s why these Christians were vacuous,
pretending as though Satan is even stupider than themselves,
since Satan was created very smart and clever,
made specifically as the rightful opponent of humans,
and when we realize not all folks are as imbecilic as Son worshipers,
He needs to be able to at least equally match every comer a plenty.

Meaning our Adversary must indeed grasp,
the intelligence and wisdom necessary,
in order to present a sufficient enough counter,
for the brainiest of us,
on down to those weary dogs,
where He obviously has grinning under heavy irons,
hence fulfilling His purpose and noble role,
existing as God’s great Prosecutor, slash, party animal.

While angels lack free will to dabble in foolish conduct,
given that a supposed rebellion in Heaven,
easily ranks high on the list of ludicrous demeanor,
showing both the Almighty and Satan looking pretty witless,
first, our Lord stumbling into harboring such loose cannons among His servants,
then act out embarrassingly drastic choices against this Master,
next, of course Satan, because He is obviously so bright,
along with having an enormous personal knowledge of His King,
completely aware He wields nothing close to as much power either,
beyond just supplying a totally laughable and hopeless threat,
unless Satan seriously imagines trying anyway,
it would finally reveal Him as certainly insane and hardly responsible.

Listen, believe me, sister, hardly a soul notices I used to be really a man! Mercy, those fabulous doctors of mine were literal miracle workers!

Greeting Women

“Easy, look, look, come on, I sincerely beg of you to forgive a pretty bad kidder! See, I was only getting in a teeny little bit of fun back there! Yes, seriously, I most definitely love to death that purple, uh, dress you’re wearing. Er, did you happen to make it yourself, dear? Hmm, no? Ah, okay, yet it truly remains amazingly divine anyway! Please, you must eventually tell me which quaint and precious shop you fortunately snagged this absolutely blessed treasure from, ahem, since I honestly need to pay them a visit just as soon as I can!”
“Oh, the same with me, sweetie, for I simply adore jean jackets! Hell yeah, especially ferociously lathering, seemingly unlimited, reams and reams of luscious nappy frays! Wow, they’re so, aw, you know, like, whatever it is, the tiny buggers undoubtedly accomplish it certainly damn well and then some!”

“Whoa, my darling, I’m totally shocked! Yikes, are you still actually shooting heroin even now days?”
“Nah, first of all, it was pure morphine, and I haven’t engaged a vial in ages, except it frankly takes these nasty tracks of scarring quite a while to properly heal.”
“Gracious me, very interesting, honey… Jesus rambling another bloated pie hole’s worth of vain nonsense much too long at His positively morbid Last Supper, when are our entirely wretched keepers gonna finally start freaking feeding us poor girls around here? Hey, sorry, but I’m utterly starving, plus infinity and a munificent half!”

Cracking Gifted Horse

Obviously jackass Jesus’ human sacrifice,
is what indigent pagans would have been practicing,
hopelessly under their horribly corrupted beliefs,
something your ol’ sorry moron of the hanging tree,
gleefully and then quite painfully neglected,
to take a wee bit of extra stock considering,
but we can decide to truly forgive that sad Kid,
when He is clearly meant to be a filthy dolt,
easily to exist specifically as a coarse lesson and omen,
for seekers of brash and strident rebellion,
against what seems like harsh ordinances,
most unfairly leveled too thickly by the Jewish god.

Which is because idiot Boy was really born,
grossly strangled out of idolatrous thought instead,
fumbling to bitterly crush this faith of religious Jews,
bent ragged and frayed across numerous trials,
purely demonstrating the prophesied tests to approach,
once holy rule and order got eventually lost,
headed beyond a pretty face painted far over,
and shimmering robust arms with jeweled hands,
inviting to gently embrace and strongly cradle,
sorely weakened backs and troubling exhausted knees,
down and never risking a peep in genuine reverence,
lit afire while missing those matching bolts so utterly feared.

Yeah, I’m originally from Canada, so I kind of harbor a fondness toward moose! Whoa, you sure gotta watch their thorny head on your sensitive areas!

Ted Cruz

“Relax and please trust me, my dear boy, you probably should avoid touching this tiny moose now, since you contain no earthly idea where it’s been. Lord above, I certainly know, but, ha, but I honestly doubt you will want to hear!”

“Aarrgh, Goddamn it, you fracking morons! Ugh, once again, idiot, mine is spelled ‘C-R-U-Z,’ and of course that stupid liberal Tom’s is ‘C-R-U-I-S-E,’ as in the dumb ol’ boat! Right, I’ve kept it the very same throughout my whole life, whether professional or political. Uh, except, because my administration periodically deals with these sorts of nonsensically confusing situations a great number of different times each year, I am sharply aware of the fact your miserable actor’s real last name is actually ‘Mapother.’ Yes, precisely, which does rather seem to make us hardly kin. Huh? Er, correct, unfortunately I just happen to be also aware he dated the actress Penélope Cruz too, yet, even possessing the exact letters as mine, she is totally unrelated as well. Look, besides, her name is truly ‘Sánchez’ anyway. Whew, okay, are we finally quite settled here? What? Oh, for the love of Jesus Hummer Christ, even if I were pathetic enough to somehow exist as a doltish friend of his, I still most definitely would not try to negotiate a bloody ‘meet and greet’ between you two jackasses!”

Introducing Cross Talk

Right, now you mentioned earlier,
that you did understand,
some of religious Jewish thought,
well, being allowed to question the Almighty,
is part of the faith,
given by Abraham’s pleading for Sodom,
not only opened up a dialogue,
and challenge to God,
he also got Him to bargain,
finally changing his Creator’s mind.

Clearly the Bible is strewn with instances,
where disputing the Lord,
shows it’s scarcely a very good decision,
but the biblical deity obviously wants us to reason,
like the discussion concerning Lot’s fate,
except as noted before,
nobody is actually outmaneuvering the prime Superior,
just able to honestly confront,
then provide an alternative option.

Yet another is when most presume,
Genesis’ main hero will knock off Isaac,
though later saying to his son along the way,
our Master shall render a proper sacrifice,
as he had already many dealings around the top Dog,
evolving a close enough relationship,
besides knowing in advance of the Noahide Laws.