Public Privacy

No, that’s merely where you may begin,
I’m not a program or playing a game,
there ain’t a dirty sheet of rules to memorize,
or for deceptively mesmerizing others,
when I’m supposed to require words of encouragement,
and especially from anyone of your likes.

See, I wouldn’t honestly know my best girlfriend,
as my damn comfortable self, dear,
it’s also far from our point of comparison,
yet in speeches you might differ,
but again, I ain’t interested in what you imagine,
only here for the real heart and mind twisting in rage.

Listen, we’re deeply concerned in each dialogue,
contrary to how you pose at this moment,
bent as a pretentious rock star blowing from his stage,
ingested motivation while shaking your crowd,
a sermon everyone is sent ahead for its red letters,
except it doesn’t line up with our latest version of reality.

Yeah, lots of reasons short on reasoning sense,
lacking always that elusive focus too,
why talk got seriously demoted to a lecture,
absolutely rejecting to hear ourselves besides,
these jabs with two long words for humbling afterwards,
stating our undeserving selves’ attitude of ignorance.

Look, you must pardon me, dudes, because it’s merely the weak-minded, lily–livered cowards who lack the courage to forgive!

“Oh, I’m so very sorry for quite appearing as a right silly mess here, but you see, as a suicide bomber, I couldn’t fathom ahead of time that I was going to even survive the explosion, let alone have an actual chance to be seriously photographed for a fancy magazine subsequently!”

“Come on, my dear angry friends, you gotta believe me that I never meant anyone harm! Geez, I’m honestly not a killer, really; it was just supposed to be a simple practical joke, except it sorely veered completely off course, and as they affectionately say, ‘Da rest is criminal history, buddy!'”

“Relax, guys, do you think you’re the only victim in this huge mess or something? Puhleeze, you don’t utterly know shittah about it, I can tell you! Watch out, boy, and let’s see you dare try to inevitably hold your chin up high truthfully after the severe embarrassment of your own explosives failing to detonate!”

“Aw, kindly splice me a hella break, mate, death and destruction, my camel’s bony drooping rump! Christ thoroughly pissed yet again, whaa, whaa, fracking cry me a whole damn Nile, and tell your pathetic sob story to your sniveling babysitter this weekend while your filthy parents are out cramming down pubic hair infested hamburgers at a molding fast food joint! Hey, now the sincere tragedy in all of this stinking ugliness is, that I trained extremely hard for two grueling months, and didn’t fulfill my bloody mission!”

Descending Prices

I don’t have any young ones to witness,
my vicious fits and internal churning,
to possibly leave them untold damage,
so rest easy, nosy empty briefcase,
unlike of course your own, burnt sugar,
never considering our lonely contrary rim,
because this would require too much thought,
which we obviously can’t have such participants.

You heard already some of what I tell myself,
and it doesn’t concern your emotional standbys,
where people as yourself merely hide,
instead, I need to mentally comprehend,
for it isn’t nearly enough worth to me otherwise,
no cave, no shame, and nobody to save or blame,
without listing off my apparent failures,
sorry, there won’t be a learned lesson today.

We can’t house all of your correct free discretion,
first, I’m to be your weak clinging girlfriend,
then gradually reduced into some kind of strange pet,
always hand-fed for private strength-building,
trailing closely with its high socialite entertainment,
useful whenever this paltry creature loses the scent,
coiling on her chafed back for a special belly rub,
about to chomp your hot cream cone in a dingy club.

Huh? Now, how da frack are dez stupid buttons not in alphabetical? Look, Dad, ‘member I dun told ya ta only ba American?

“Oh yeah, ‘It was a dark and stormy night…’ Mmm… Ha, I got it, ‘…and his passionate kisses hurt her almost as much as his ultra-huge dong, furiously thrusting within her thoroughly saturated downstairs enclosure!’ Whoa, writing’s a real killa!”

“Dang, this ain’t that difficult in the least; merely takes a little bit of practice. Geez, I wonder why ol’ Ernest Hemingway had to wimp out so bad and blow his fool head off? Hey, I just say, ‘No, to suicide, baby, and let’s keep our noggins bullet-free!'”

“Aw, come on, some of these lousy keys on this crummy thing stick like a sad mother-hamper! Sure, Daddy, way to give your genius son a hand-me-down birthday present completely worthy of his supremely magnificent stature!”

“Ouch! Mercy, I don’t honestly know if it’s all of my pervasive typing or chronic, ahem, walloping, that’s currently been leveling such a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome over me here!”

For Both Cheeks

How I like waking up,
looking at myself in the morning,
no, not at all, in a sorry prediction,
your little amazing event commences,
that never seems to finish delivering presents,
or a sharp closing of my lurid curtain either,
so its cracks don’t splinter back,
into our sensitive moist skin.

I got my own private darling each day,
to passionately lead me across these cold floors,
as we dance wildly through our tempest,
while smearing cosmetics within its various grooves,
along torn flowery sheets, heels, and jewelry,
mopping afterwards for an added lesson,
when Hell’s army is always trying to sucker you,
over an iced tea praying beneath the television.

Now honing in on why I’m wrong again,
small changes trapped under the march of time,
adversely feeling every socket’s puncture,
blazing trails in chaotic sprays of directions,
neither remaining around a good length,
driving above hard bulges and between sad wrinkles,
relayed from a series of embarrassingly intricate accounts,
posing a chance to learn joy and punishment’s secrets.

Ha, of course I know the differences of you and your twin sister, honey; that’s what makes doing her a helluva lot more fun!

“Uh, no, sorry, but I ain’t the least bit interested in you sharing me sexually between your stupid friends! Eww, and that’s honestly supposed to be this ‘great news’ that you just couldn’t wait to tell me when you came home from work?”

“Yeah, so, you deliberately killed a couple of people; big freaking deal! Christ, relax, bruh, we all surely have a little dingy selection of assorted skeletons in our own respective closets.”

“Er, wanna hear out my side now, fella? Okay, look deep into these eyes, man; obviously I don’t really give the slightest damn if you seriously hate jean vests, because I’m quite fond of them, and I most sincerely intend on even being buried in one!”

“Well, babe, this seems to not be a good day for you playing bedroom games of chance, since I can decidedly see your puny lacing of Gonorrhea, and significantly raise you a pretty acute case of syphilis, along with a mighty generous helping of herpes.”

Right Speak

I also talk of the ways you think to and of yourself,
and in that session after session,
with this same rag doll past these many years,
there has always been a solemn promise,
in order to show folks our agreed upon estimation,
rather than their single idea of imagination.

Hearing our actual voices though,
not your normal tricks to catch much more,
dragged from underneath shores into your huge net,
quickly filleted, then it’s for that hot panic,
of course thoroughly buttered thick,
even if its point is to obviously make us stick.

You had my goodness as a wedding ring,
laid tight, sparkling wildly over your own finger,
soothing with humid breaths of incoherence,
where a supposed trust was established,
very familiar since we were merely children,
except then there wasn’t these repulsive pitchmen.

We can relate to mindfulness while you float,
it’s hardly one’s correct speech on display now,
when you’re organized prominently in back,
honorably carousing inside of our throats and mouths,
since if there’s nobody to lie about, you feel like a failure,
missing out of riding with those big bucks as my savior.